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WHAT-A-WIPE | Hand Sanitizer Wipe

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***DISINFECTANT/STERILIZER*** WHAT-A-WIPE | Hand Sanitizer Wipe. Fabric Sanitizing Wipes, Pre-Moistened Advanced Formula To Kill Microbes In Seconds On Premium Fabric Wipes. Gently, Moisturizes and Conditions Skin With Frequent Use. Convenient and Portable Cleanup, when soap and water is Not Available. Perfect Clean-Up For Face and Hands. Easy To Pull and Tear Towels. Invigorating Fragrance. Made In America.

1 Unit Per Case (90 Wipes/Tub)

6 Units Per Case (90 Wipes/Tub)

12 Units Per Case (90 Wipes/Tub)

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