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BIONIC CITRA | RTU - Industrial Deodorant

  • 1 Unit (Quart Bottle, W / 1 Sprayer) Ready To Use
  • 12 Units Per Case (Quart Bottle, W / 2 Sprayers) Ready To Use
  • 1 Unit (Gallon Bottle) Ready To Use
  • 4 Units Per Case (Gallon Bottle) Ready To Use
  • 1 Unit (5 gallon Pail) Ready To Use

BIONIC CITRA | RTU - Industrial Deodorant. Ready to Use.

K&K Clean – BIONIC CITRA – RTU – is a powerful, non-staining, water soluble, industrial strength deodorizer. BIONIC CITRA neutralizes offensive smells like nitrogen and sulfur as well as others, by chemical reaction. BIONIC CITRA has a pleasant citrus fragrance and provides exceptional odor control and can be mopped, sprayed, or poured onto problem areas. Use in the home, office, hospitals, dormitories, gyms, or other places where unpleasant or stale odors are present or persistent.  BIONIC CITRA can be poured into garbage disposals, plumbing traps, trash bins and buckets or can be used in industrial settings like sewer plants and meat packing facilities. Also great for veterinary services, animal enclosures, kennels and grooming care, transportation services including bus, train, and air carriers. Easy to spray on hard to reach locations like around restroom urinals and toilets, air filters and refrigeration coils. When used in nonfood prep areas, rinsing is not required. Safe on flooring including carpet and concrete to manage odors. Made in America.

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