EL TORO - RTM | Concentrated Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner and Degreaser - Liquid

  • $5.67

EL TORO RTM | Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner and Degreaser. 

Floor Cleaner and Degreaser, at Heavy Duty Strength. Safe for Waxed Floors, Dries Quickly and leaves No Film. Perfect for Regular Mopping by hand or with Floor Machines

    Full Floor Cleaning: Apply the solution to the hard floor surface with a mop or scrubbing machine. Pick up the dirty solution with a squeegee and pick-up pan, vacuum, or mop. Rinsing is not necessary.

    Spot Floor Cleaning: Spray the mixture with a spray bottle on the surface to be cleaned. Use a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth to wipe up the solution. Rinsing is not necessary.


    *Mix approximately 1 part floor cleaning concentrate to 10 parts water for a 1:10 ratio.

    • 1 Unit (Quart Bottle) Ready To Mix
    • 12 Units Per Case (Quart Bottle) Ready to Mix
    • 1 Unit (Gallon Bottle) Ready to Mix
    • 4 Units Per Case (Gallon Bottle) Ready To Mix

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