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MUG-A-BUG | Roach & Ant Insect Spray

  • $13.56

*** MUG-A-BUG | Roach & Ant Insect Spray *** Kills a broad spectrum of flying and crawling insects on contact for up to 7 weeks.  Nonconductive up to18K volts. EPA registered residual crack and crevice spray

MADE IN AMERICA. Eco Friendly.  Pleasant Cherry Fragrance.

APPLICATION:  For use by pest control applicators and janitorial maintenance workers to control ants, roaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, mosquitos, crickets, spiders, waterbugs, scorpions, sowbugs, fleas and ticks in and around homes, boats, garages, cars, hotels/motels, warehouses, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, restaurants, and retail outlets. Apply this product only as a coarse spray or crack and crevice treatment to localized areas where pests are found or may occur. For indoor residential dwellings and outdoor sites (including outdoor residential sites, automobiles, and manure). Use this spray as a spot or crack and crevice treatment to control cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ticks, waterbugs.


  • 1 Unit (15 Oz. Can)
  • 12 Units Per Case (15 Oz. Can)

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