ORANGE KRUSH | RTM - Concentrated Degreaser Deodorizer

  • $13.96

ORANGE KRUSH | RTM - Concentrated Degreaser and Deodorizer. Ready To Mix. Concentrate

K&K Clean – ORANGE KRUSH – Industrial grade fast-acting, highly effective degreaser and deodorizer, Emulsifies grease, oils, fats, and Tar without alkaline or petroleum solvents. Non-hazardous, eco-safe with a neutral ph. Can be used indoors or outside, without harmful vapors to remove a variety of organic matter, marks and grease (adhesives, soap scum, gum, graffiti, tire marks, ink, decals, residue, gum, tar, asphalt) on walls, concrete floors equipment, motors, trucks, parking lots and other surfaces.   Clears drains and keeps them running freely. Natural citrus fragrance deodorizes foul smelling areas. Made in America.

'Ready To Mix', Concentrated, 1-Gallon makes 4 to 5-Gallons.

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