WHAT-A-WIPE | Hand Sanitizer Wipe

WHAT-A-WIPE | Hand Sanitizer Wipe

  • $7.85

WHAT-A-WIPE | Hand Sanitizer Wipe.

Sanitizing Wipes, Pre-Moistened Advanced Formula To Kill Microbes In Seconds.  Ethyl Alcohol 70%; Antiseptic.  Gently, Moisturizes and Conditions Skin With Frequent Use. Convenient and Portable Cleanup, when soap and water are not available. Easy To Pull and tear Towels. Perfect Clean-Up For Face and Hands.

APPLICATIONS:  Use before and after assisting individuals receiving medical care, changing diapers, or dealing with ill persons. Excellent for use by teachers, package handlers, childcare providers, doctors, nurses, and dental personnel, money handlers, office workers, emergency response technicians, flight attendants, and more.

Areas of use include bathrooms, kitchens, automobiles, areas without running water, nursing homes, dental and medical offices, health and fitness centers, hotels/motels, restaurants, daycare centers, churches, hospitals, offices, campsites, universities/dorms, sports arenas, school campuses, floral shops, and retail shops.


  • 1 Unit (90 Wipes / Tub)
  • 6 Units Per Case (90 Wipes / Tub)
  • 12 Units Per Case (90 Wipes / Tub)

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