BRIGHT BOWL | RTU - High Acid Bowl Cleaner

  • $7.51

BRIGHT BOWL | RTU - High Acid Bowl Cleaner.

Bowl and Urinal Cleaner, containing 26% Hydrochloric Acid.  Concentrated to Dissolve Scale, Stains, Rust, and Organic Encrustations with a powerful blend of Inorganic Acids and Detergents, wetting agents, and rinse additives.

APPLICATION:  The heavy-duty acid formula removes the toughest rust, scale, scum, and uric salt buildup.  The economical formula that eliminates Offensive Odors and is Formulated to Keep Porcelain Bright and Sparkling Clean.  

Removes water spots, rust, stains, and scale and uric salt.  Areas of use include restaurants, schools, hotels/motels, industrial plants, factories, warehouses, offices, prisons, child daycare facilities, and apartment complexes.

Do Not use on enamel, chrome, carpet, marble, terrazzo, or metal surfaces.


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