GERM X | RTM - Disinfectant Germicidal Cleaner

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GERM X | RTM - Disinfectant Germicidal Cleaner. Ready to Use.

K&K Clean – GERM X – RTM- industrial grade, ready to mix, multi-purpose cleaner, disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step.  Effective against Pseudomonas, Staph, Strep, E. Coli, MRSA, Herpes, HIV-1, Flu, Athlete’s Foot Fungus and more.  Cleans and disinfects washable, hard, nonporous surfaces including glazed porcelain, sealed stone, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic, finished woodwork and ceramic or enameled surfaces.  GERM X is formulated for commercial and institutional use but is gentle enough for individual use, in and around the home. Freshly scented deodorant handles tough odors the home or office.  Disinfect high touch areas including light switches, doorknobs, counters, desks, chairs, tables, trash cans, sinks, stoves, phones, displays, and play equipment. Great in medical and veterinary settings, group residences, nurseries, cafeterias, restaurants, gyms, rest rooms, salons, schools, prisons, campgrounds, and vehicles. Can also be used for air conditioning units, refrigeration equipment and heat pumps to control mold and mildew formation. GERM X contains synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, water softening agents, and two quaternary ammonium germicides.  EPA Reg. No. 47371-37-44446 EPA Est. No. 44446-TX-1. Made in America.

'Ready To Mix', Concentrated, 1-Gallon makes 42-Gallons.

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