KNOCK-EM-OUT 2 | Insect Fogger

KNOCK-EM-OUT 2 | Insect Fogger

  • $14.18

KNOCK-EM-OUT 2 | Insect Fogger

With total release lock-down valve to provide trouble-free one-step killing action.  Kills cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, rice weevils, saw-tooth grain beetles, moths, ticks, etc. EPA Reg. No. 44446-50 EPA Est. No. 44446-TX-1, water-based total release fogger.  The fogging mist penetrates to all areas for thorough insecticidal action.

APPLICATION:   provides trouble-free one-step killing action Formulated to kill cockroaches, crickets, ants, mosquitoes, fleas, rice weevils, saw-toothed grain beetles, ticks, flies, and small flying moths. Areas of use include rooms, apartments, homes, attics, basements, cabins, campers, boats, garages, household storage areas, and pet sleeping areas.


*One unit treats up to 9,000/6,000 cubic feet 

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