Keeping Schools Healthy and Clean

Posted by Steve Penhollow on

Keep Your Staff and Students Healthy and Your School Safe and Clean.

So everyone can focused on education and learning!!

K&K has been providing school and institutions cleaning supplies, disinfectants and specialty products for more than 40 years to over 2600, schools/districts, universities and colleges.  K&K can help you with your current and future needs.

K&K pricing has been updated to reflect new direct consumer pricing, making our most popular and top-rated products an even better value!  Additionally, for your school, we are offering an additional discount off list price (excluding sale items).

Call 800.958.6921 or email for discount codes.

Let K&K help your teams clean, disinfect, and polish hallways, classrooms, playrooms, study halls, libraries, gym floors, locker rooms, cafeterias, kitchens, playgrounds, housing/dormitories, etc. allowing your educators to get back to safe educating for staff and students. 

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