About K&K

For 40+ years, K&K has been providing high quality, effective industrial and institutional strength cleaning, maintenance products, and solutions to those in the private and public sector, including janitorial entities, schools, housing authorities, state and local municipalities, law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions, hospitals, and health care facilities, sanitation and wastewater treatment utilities, and numerous other organizations.

Over the years, K&K has expanded the number of products available, and continually tests and sources reliable, high quality, professional-grade products to support the heavy need for cleaning and maintenance programs in various operations and institutions. Many of the products are biodegradable, water-based, and eco-friendly, yet strong enough to get the tough job done.

Simply stated by many of our customers, “The products work!”

Most K&K products are available in an assortment of sizes and are sold in ready to use formulas while others are available in ready to mix, concentrated form. K&K ships product quickly throughout the continental U.S. from the centralized operations and distribution hub located in North Texas.

We are delighted to offer our popular favorites and the next generation of products and solutions. We welcome the opportunity for our products to be used as the solution to your biggest cleaning and maintenance challenges.

Custom Solutions for Your Specific Problems on Request