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About K&K Clean


For 40+ years, K&K Clean has been providing high quality, effective Industrial and Institutional strength cleaning, maintenance products, and solutions to those in the private and public sector, including for example:  hospitals, janitorial entities, schools, housing authorities, state and local municipalities, law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, health care facilities, sanitation and wastewater treatment utilities, and numerous other organizations.

K&K continues to develop, test, and source reliable, high quality, professional-grade product to support the heavy need for cleaning and disinfecting for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Individual use

All our Products are AMERICAN MADE and ECO FRIENDLY, yet strong enough to get the tough job done.  Simply stated by our customers, “THE PRODUCTS WORK!”

Products are sold in Ready To Use and/or Ready To Mix concentrate. K&K ships product throughout the United States from centralized operations and distribution centers located in North Texas.

We are delighted to offer our popular favorites and the next generation of products and solutions and we welcome and appreciate the opportunity to partner together to support your cleaning and maintenance challenges.

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