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BON-AROMA | RTU - Multi-Use Cleaner Deodorizer

  • 1 Unit (Quart Bottle, W / 1 Sprayer) Ready To Use
  • 12 Units Per Case (Quart Bottle, W / 2 Sprayers) Ready To Use
  • 1 Unit (Gallon Bottle) Ready To Use
  • 4 Units Per Case (Gallon Bottle) Ready To Use
  • 1 Unit (5 gallon Pail) Ready To Use

BON-AROMA - RTU | Multi-Use Cleaner Deodorizer. Ready to Use

K&K Clean – BON-AROMA – RTU – Economical, multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer formulated for all washable surfaces. BON-AROMA’s industrial strength, water soluble formula is superior for cleaning floors, walls, and other hard surfaces. Spray on or mop away dirt, grime, and even stubborn heel marks from floors, leaving a clean, and bright finish in treated areas. Perfect for schools, offices, residential housing, and storage areas like trash bins where odors accumulate. Freshen and clean desks, counters, appliances, worktables, and restroom areas. Add to garbage cans and mop buckets to eliminate filmy residue, sour smells of used mop heads, and to rinse water to aid in the removal of soap film. BON-AROMA has a light cherry fragrance. Made in America.

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