QUICK KILL 2 | Rapid Crack and Crevice Weed Killer

  • $12.16

QUICK KILL 2 | Rapid Crack and Crevice Weed Killer. 

 Non-selective spot weed killers, rapid top kill, and systemic herbicide prevent the growth of sprayed vegetation up to one year. Solvent-based weed killer with 2, 4-D, and Bromacil. 

EPA Reg. No. 44446-61 EPA Est. No. 44446-TX-1

APPLICATION:  This product provides rapid knockdown and kills off most weeds and unwanted vegetation. 

An excellent product for use on for example lambs quarter, barnyard grass, bounching bet, bracken fern, broomsedge, cheatgrass, crabgrass, dandelions, foxtail, horsetail crabgrass, johnsongrass, lambsquarter, ragweed, ryegrass, saltgrass, turkey mullein, weeds, wild oats.


  • 1 Unit (Gallon Bottle)
  • 4 Units Per Case (Gallon Bottle)

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