BIONIC CITRA - RTU | Industrial Deodorant

  • $4.80

BIONIC CITRA - RTU | Industrial Deodorant. Ready To Use.

Odor Destroying, Non-Staining, Industrial Deodorizer. Formula Neutralizes Nitrogen, Sulfur, and other Offensive Odors. Citrus scented, liquid deodorizer can be Mopped, Sprayed, Poured, Or Drip into or on unpleasant odor problems. Exceptional Solution for Planes and Buses, Garbage Trucks and Packing Plants, Hospital Rooms and Animal Enclosures, Moldy Carpets and Filters, Concrete Walls, And Floors, Toilets, And Urinals. Numerous Ways To Address many Different Strong Odor Issues. Non Rinsing. Available in 'Ready To Use'.


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