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BIONIC LIFT STATION | RTU - Concentrated Degreaser and Cleaner

  • 1 Unit (Gallon Can) Ready to Use
  • 4 Units Per Case (Gallon Cans) Ready to Use
  • 1 Unit (5 Gallon Can) Ready to Use

BIONIC LIFT STATION | RTU - Concentrated Degreaser and Cleaner.

Cleans Lift Station Systems with Natural Citrus Degreasers and Detergents. Concentrated form for effortless cleaning. Offensive Odor Reducing Formula. Cleans and Helps Remove accumulated deposits of sewage, oils, grease, and soap on the vertical and wet walls and surfaces of lift stations and systems. Improves Water Treatment Systems, Facilities, and Capacity. Pleasant Citrus Scent. For Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional use. 

APPLICATION: For use in Lift Stations for Waste Water Systems, in office buildings, schools, apartments, hospitals, etc. Degreases, Deodorizes, and Cleans walls emulsifies and degreases raw sewage as it floats in lift station wells.  It eliminates the accumulation of sewage, grease, oils, fatty acids, calcium, and soap scum forms deposits on wet well walls. Returning proper function and freshness to the waste system.  Use in Lift Stations, Grease Traps, Sewage Pits, Sumps, etc.


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