BON-AROMA - RTU | Multi-Use Cleaner Deodorizer

  • $4.00

BON-AROMA - RTU | Multi-Use Cleaner Deodorizer. Ready To Use.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Deodorizer, Formulated for All Hard Surfaces Cleaning. Economical, Cleaner, cuts through and Removes, Grim, Film and Heel Marks. Can be Sprayed, Mopped or Scrubbed to leave a clean and bright finish. Leaving a Fresh Cherry Scented Fragrance.  Perfect For Cutting through Sour and Foul Odors along with Eliminating Filmy Residue in Mop Buckets and Garbage Cans,  Cupboards and Refrigerators, Storage and Concrete Areas. Perfect For Schools and Bathrooms, Tile and Porcelain, Tables and Desks, Tops and Walls, and other washable surfaces.


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