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INVIRO-ZIDE | Eco-Safe Drain-line Cleaner with Microbes Cultures - Bundle Deal

  • 3 Unit (2.5 lb. Jars)

INVIRO-ZIDE | Eco-Safe Drain-line Cleaner with Microbes Cultures. 

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Drain-line System Cleaner. Eco Friendly. Clears and Digests as it Liquifies Solid Organic Waste with the use of Salmonella Free, Live Micro-Organism Cultures. Non-Caustic it Quickly and Safely Cleans Clogged Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Cesspools, and Sewage Disposal Systems. Eliminate Clogging, Pumping, and the need for Snaking Of Lines. (Minimum activity per gram: 8 billion aerobes and 7.5 billion anaerobes, 74,000 units of protease, 86,000 units of amylase.).


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