DUZ-ALL | RTU - Foaming Acidic Bathroom Cleaner - Bundle Deal

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 DUZ-ALL | RTU - Foaming Acidic Bathroom Cleaner. Ready to Use. 

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K&K Clean – DUZ-ALL – RTU - Industrial strength foaming acidic bathroom cleaner designed for total washroom and locker room care and cleaning. Use with adjustable foam applicator allowing the foam to penetrate and loosen soil and soap scum for easy cleanup. Cleans ceramic tile, floors and walls, sinks, toilets, tubs, and plastic or glass showers. DUZ-ALL can be used on cabinets, mirrors, chrome, porcelain, porcelain enamel, and grouting. After wiping surface, rinses easily to remove any residual cleaner. Pleasant mint fragrance won’t overpower. DUZ-ALL does it all. Made in America.

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