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KNUCKLE KLEAN | NATURAL - RTU - Concentrated Industrial Hand Cleaner - Bundle Deal

  • 3 Unit (8oz Bottles, W / Flip Tops) Ready To Use
  • 3 Unit (Pint Bottles, W / Flip Tops) Ready To Use
  • 3 Unit (Quart Bottles, W / Spout Tops) Ready To Use

KNUCKLE KLEAN / NATURAL - RTU | Concentrated Industrial Hand Cleaner. Ready To Use.

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K&K Clean - KNUCKLE KLEAN | NATURAL - RTU – industrial grade, is freshly scented, Knuckle Klean Ready to Use hand cleaner has a grip on grime. Formulated with cosmetic grade ground walnut shells, this powerful, concentrated cleaner knocks out the toughest, dirtiest hands. Industrial strength but soft on your hands with multiple emollients to massage the skin while washing the dirt away. Biodegradable solution treats as well as cleans. With repeated use, hands will feel softer and smoother. Contains no petroleum solvents and can be used regularly without harm. Power though grease, oil, ink and more while using less soap and getting more results. Made in America.

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