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MAGNUM CLEAN | RTU - Hand Washing Soap for Professionals - Bundle Deal

  • 3 Unit (Pint Bottles, W / 3 Pumps) Ready To Use
  • 3 Unit (Quart Bottles, W / 3 Spout Fillers) Ready To Use
  • 3 Unit (Gallon Bottles) Ready To Use

MAGNUM CLEAN | RTU | Hand Washing Soap for Professionals. Ready To Use.

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K&K Clean – MAGNUM CLEAN – RTU – Professional strength MAGNUM CLEAN hand washing soap with lotion is made for those who must frequently wash their hands throughout the day. Formulated to wash and rinse away completely thus eliminating the possibility of any residual product remaining on skinRecommended for healthcare professionals, food service workers and others who must maintain the highest degree of personal hygiene. Gentle on skin, Magnum Clean is the right choice for the frequent hand washer, leaving no fear of chafing or irritation. Mild floral fragrance. Made in America.

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