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MUD OUT | RTU - Concentrated Mud, Dirt, and Clay Remover

  • 1 unit (gallon bottle) Ready to Use
  • 4 units per case (gallon bottle) Ready to Use
  • I Unit (5 gallon pail) Ready to Use

MUD OUT | Concentrated Mud, Dirt, and Clay Remover. 

Breaks up hardened matter like mud, silt, sand, dirt, sludge, or clay in sewer lines or storm sewers and improves water flow. Hardened soap residues in lines, due to temperature changes, can also be broken up and flushed away. Hard water or high temperatures do not impact product efficiency. Severe encrustations may be aided by high-pressure flushing of product into manhole lines. Biodegradable, non-flammable, water-soluble, and environmentally safe.


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