QUICK OPEN | RTU - Concentrated Alkaline Drain Opener - Bundle Deal

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QUICK OPEN | RTU - Concentrated Alkaline Drain Opener.

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K&K Clean – QUICK OPEN – RTU – Industrial strength, QUICK OPEN is a highly concentrated, alkaline drain and septic opener and maintainer. Non-fuming, low odor, and no boil-up or flashback, QUICK OPEN acts to liquify organic matter and clear clogged drains (hair, paper, oils and grease, and other organic matter).  Reduces drain odors and turns clogged drain materials from hard matter into soft gel-like water-soluble material. The non-acid formula will not harm pipes and drain lines, septic systems, or rubber, porcelain, and vitreous china. Highly effective and works within minutes. Made in America.



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