VANISH | Carpet Stain and Spot Remover - Bundle Deal

  • $75.49

VANISH | Carpet Stain and Spot Remover. 

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Strong cleaner/degreaser for grease, dirt, ink, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverage, soft drinks, and bloodstains. Pleasantly scented deodorizer destroys odors from urine, vomit, and blood.  No remaining residue and is color safe on most fabrics. Pleasantly Scented Deodorizer. For Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Individual use.

APPLICATIONS: Works great in homes, automobiles, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels/motels, and institutions. An effective cleaner for blood, urine, catsup, ink, lipstick, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, grease, oil, dirt, mud, vomit, coffee, tea, milk, and ice cream.  Do not use on white or light-colored carpet. Do not oversaturate.


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